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This page is meant to answer some of your frequently asked questions.
A. You may use the secure shopping cart. Just click on the little "add to cart" buttons. Your orders are encrypted and are only accessible by this company. Your cart will keep a record for you. Just follow the instructions as you click. You may add and delete items on the cart. If the cart kicks your order back to you, you probably have forgotten to fill something in or forgot to check a box.

B. You may actually call us! The number is 805-522-9808.
Business hours are between 9am and 5pm pacific standard time Monday thru Friday only. Please call ONLY during those hours. Calls before or after hours will not be answered.
On the shopping cart we try to come as close as possible to the actual shipping charges, but because of various weights, this is only an estimate and based on 1 lb. Your actual shipping charge may be a bit more or it may be less than what is on the cart.

A. Priority Mail This is how we ship most often, because it is faster than UPS. Your items are insured.  ANY damage or mishap is handled through YOUR post office. Please keep all packing materials and take your box and shipping invoice to them. They will take care of the transaction. This is the way the post office prefers this to be done. IF you do not choose this option, then all claims of any kind are void. We are not responsible for any loss or damage once it leaves here. We pack everything very securely.

B. We do ship to Canada.  It will go Priority Mail International.
About the Art
My painting is NOT one stroke or pattern painting, nor does it look like silk screening. If this is what you want, then "puuuleeese" do not order from me. :) My style is painterly and illustrative. There are no "canned" painting methods or "copycat" brush strokes that come out of books. My work is all original and my technique and style is my own and has been polished from 4 years of college and 2years of grad school.

My items are ALL original pieces of art work. I work hard to come up with fresh and unique ideas. Many times, there is only ONE piece of work made, so you will never see it anywhere else again after it is sold. This will truly give you something original! And even if there are more than one, since they are all done by hand, they are still all individual. And yes, even my plates are hand made.

I have added some items to my site which are not made by me. I have found these through various means and think you will enjoy them. I make sure that they are of high quality
Return Policies
A. Your purchase is guaranteed. If you do not like it for any reason, you have the option of sending it back to us, with no questions asked. Returned merchandise is at your expense and it must be insured. Please do so with in ONE week of receiving it or it will not be accepted. Please email or call me that you are sending it back. If it arrives back to me in bad or damaged condition and you have not insured it, no refund will be made. This is to protect you and me. Sorry it is not reasonable to wait months or even weeks. You have seven days and only seven days.

B. Shipping is refundable ONLY if it was my fault and I sent the wrong item. If it is being returned for any other reason, original shipping is taken out of the refund. Sorry I am a very small company and can not absorb people just changing their minds or guessing at items they want. :) If you are unsure of anything, email me first! Its not scary! countryjoy@sbcglobal.net

C. Special and Custom orders are not returnable.
Damaged Items
A. Items arriving with damage and insured must be taken care of through YOUR carrier........ Please keep all packing materials, boxes and purchase order. Contact the appropriate carrier and follow their directions.
Personal Stuff
I will NOT spam you ever if you place an order with me. I feel that my product stands alone for quality and if you wish to bookmark me and come back and visit, that is fine with me, but I will not harass you into this....ever.

Your email address or any other information sent to me, is NOT sold to anyone. This is a small company and I am not in the business of selling information to anyone. I don't have the time nor the inclination to do this. So your privacy stays with me. Isn't that grand?

I do not give out sources or answer questions on how I do things either. I am not in the consulting business. :) So puleeeeese don't ask me, because I won't answer you. And a big puleeeeeeeese, do NOT beg me for donations or raffle products or any thing along those lines. I turn into mega monster and it's not pretty.

Got a question we didn't answer? Oh no! Then please email us with it. We will either answer it or make something up! (wink)