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And NO you may not steal my photos, they are copyrighted)
So I decided to start a page on butt ugly houses. It has become one of my favorite past times and now I carry a camera everywhere I go. (These may be load intensive pages for you, but well worth it!
Did I ever tell you that my daughter is a professional photographer? She used to take pictures of lady's butts at craft fairs so we could snicker. But this has of course become "not politically correct".............I don't know why!

Well I have been rather lax and boring lately haven't I? Except for the big fire last fall, I've been pretty good at working and staying out of trouble. Snort! Not my normal self, I have to admit. So I need something new to occupy my time with when I'm not making great artwork.
Only in California would you see a sign like this for a track house. Think I will take two.
We start with Granny's Bottle Village. This place is a night mare and they made it into a national monument! Here are your tax dollars at work. Lordy Lordy, dear old granny collected crap from the dump and built a house and yard out of trash. Most of it fell down in the quake of 94. Thank God! Not only is this an eye sore in the neighborhood but it stinks. I mean it literally stinks! Kinda like a giant bean fart.
I particularly like the plastic doll head floral arrangement in the planter. I'm thinking some Barbie doll heads might just set this off even better or maybe some dead GI Joes.
See told ya soooooooo!
And the winner issssssss.............!!!!!!
I have a new favorite.  Can you tell why?  These 3 pictures are of this guys front yard.  I think he thinks he lives in Disneyland. When I first saw this, I thought it was for Halloween, but noooooooooo..........this is here allllll the time.  I hate home owners associations but in this case, welllllllll, it might be a good idea.
This is my neighbor's house. He got termites last year and put stucco over the wood in the front. His yard looks like crap and he was worried about the van from hell being parked in front of it! Actually, the van made his house look nicer. I just threw his house in because he is such an asshole and because if he sees this, it will piss him off.
The new and improved updated version of my neighbors house. This is his front lawn going up the hill to my house. He keeps it so nice. If you read the story about the wall, you will now notice that we tore it down and left the stub. And he thought my van would devalue his property.
OK, a blue Spanish tile roof! In various shades, no less. Yes someone actually got up there and painted these things by hand. I wonder what kind of drugs they were on.
Just loveee aquarium blue homes. Paint a few fish on this baby and they will feel just like they are at home. Wait a minute! Maybe he should switch roofs with the guy to the left. He must have run out of paint because this house has been half way painted for at least 6-7 years. Someone needs to help him out!
I couldn't make up my mind on these two. Do you like the flaming flamingo glow in the dark pink?
Or do you like the more subdued screaming out loud bubble gum pink with the purple windows and matching gold wall? I just hate decisions like this.
All Items are copyrighted by the Artist
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