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Pages: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
A private collection of butt ugly houses of the universe. My quest has just begun. I do believe I will never run out of images! Oh wow, here are some purple houses!

(these pictures are copyrighted and may not be taken off of my site for any purpose)
How would you like to live next to this baby? Now this is a very nice house but it looks like a big giant Easter Bunny laid it. And they actually paid to have this done!
Wooooooweeee another purple beauty! There must have been some sort of purple paint sale going on at Home Depot one weekend. Curses and I missed it
There seems to be a run on purple houses lately. I keep finding them. Who would have thunk? This one even has purple planters to go with it.
The Roman Corinthian columns set off this purple fence very nicely, don't ya think?
Another purple lovely.
These are beginning to hurt my eyes!
Does this not look like a Halloween house? Come on.......doesn't it???? You know it is, if the owner has a wart on her nose. I bet she does.
Plants are cool, and I think he could squeeze in one more right in front of the fire hydrant.
Now this house is the opposite. It could use some green plants instead of weeds. How can people let something they have invested in, go to pot like this?
This is a front door, along with the matching towel bar, Astro turf step and endearing unicorn. I wonder what would happen if he let go of the towel bar and fell off the step. I think Osha needs to be called in.