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What Were They Thinking?
A private collection of butt ugly houses of the universe. My quest has just begun. I do believe I will never run out of images! Every house needs an ugly fence.

(these pictures are copyrighted and may not be taken off of my site for any purpose)
Ok, this house in NOT in the woods. It's in a regular residential neighborhood of track homes. It has two giant fake people out front and a teddy bear hanging from a tree. I think they killed it,.......... I'm not sure. That big dude over to the right is mighty scary. Or maybe the guy sitting on the front porch hung teddy. Tacky tacky tacky.
I don't now what that tree thing is either. It has a suicide jump platform on the top. Hmmm bet the neighborhood parents like that. The orange truck belongs to this house too. Seems fitting doesn't, it? This is really a lot of work to go to, to junk up the neighborhood.
It looks like they are still building onto this. I wonder if they are putting anymore stuffed people out front.
I dunno about this. It looks too Disneyland for me.
This house is like a freakin parliamentary building. There's another flag I didn't get in the pic, but it sure catches your attention. Patriotism is great, isn't it? I expect to see the marching band any minute.
Now here is a good one. Save money on your watering. Go green! Just paint those bushes onto the front of your house instead.
These people have two, count them two of these mammoth gates in front of their house. Their pool is in the front of the house and they have approximately 10 water fountains in their front yard in a variety of sizes. I wonder if he got a good deal on them and as a bonus they thru in the gates. Sorta like buying something and getting free Ginzoo knives with it
I guess I have a thing with giant gawdy fences. Here is one with GOLD on it! Do you think it's real? Maybe it will turn green after awhile. Snort!
If you look closely you can see that the big gold medallion on the fence matches the gold lion sitting left of the bush. We must match for heavens sake!
And they don't have just one gate. They have two of these babies! Maybe they got a group discount. Maybe they know that other guy with the big green gates!
Update!  2010 They repainted all the green, this orangy rust salmon color.  NO!  It is not an improvement!
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