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What Were They Thinking?
A private collection of butt ugly houses of the universe. My quest has just begun. I do believe I will never run out of images! Every house needs an ugly fence.

(these pictures are copyrighted and may not be taken off of my site for any purpose)
So this guy actually painted his house this color to get it ready to sell. Yep, he was striving for curb appeal, I'm sure. Or maybe that is curb setter appeal.
Update!!  2010, I guess once a butt ugly house means always a butt guly house.  The new owers repainted the dark peach out, into a mild gold.  BUT they now have toys, lawn chairs, more toys, xmas lights and crap out front...all the time!!  This looks like trailer trash now.  Im longing for the days of the old color!  At least it was neat out front.
This guy has various pieces of furniture out in front as lawn sculpture most of the time. Not sure if he is trying to show off his good taste or match his peeling, scaly house with the dead lawn and plants. Glad I don't live next to him! And can you imagine, a dump like this is worth half a million in CA?
Yowza Yowza Yowza He even painted the satellite dishes to match!
Heaven forbid! This house is in my neighborhood. They just repainted it. My bet is, it is going to glow in the dark at night. I'm sneaking over later to see or perhaps the glow will just light up the end of the block like a giant bug light. I'm going to leave a note in their mailbox asking if this is just the primer. I'm still hoping.
So when the guy went to the paint store, did he buy all the left over mis-marked paint cans? Actually this is very Mondrian inspired.
Yes, screaming magenta works for me.
This house is made out of beer cans. Yep the whole house is. Seems like some people need a job instead of a hobby.
Rumor has it, that Big Bird lives here.
This is actually a very nice house, but they got carried away with the statues and Victorian Artificial flowers. I mean how many garlands can you grow on your balcony.
It sort of reminds me of Disneyland. I think because it has Mexican Pink Palapas and more than one!
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