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Cobra Daytona Coupe
Made in the Good Ol'
After years of racing, Team Chotis has sold its race cars.  Unfortunately after several back surgeries it was time to hang up the ol' helmet.  But with one door closing there is always another opening! 

So now Team Chotis is building a custom Factory Five Cobra Daytona Coupe.  Originally there were only 6 total built and in the 60's they were whipping Ferrari's asses.  :)

We thought you might like to see how this is going to happen, so this will be an on going blog on our new adventure.
It arrived by a big ol' truck in March 2012.  This truck had 6 wonderfulllll cars tucked inside of it.  Most were Cobras, but Team Chotis decided to build the Cobra Daytona Coupe.........a dream since child hood, because Bill is reallllly old.  They lift it up by a huge crain with a hook on it, that is built inside of the truck and swing it out and onto dollys so you can move it.
This is how it made its way into our humble abode and where its life will begin. 
We have named it "The Coupe de Bill"   Come onnnnn, what else did you expect?
It was given a plastic engine so as to know where to put everything until its real heart was aquired.  So first the front suspension and brakes were done.  The wheel is just for looks....... 
All those boxes are parts.  Hope there are none left over.  Bill is balancing out the brakes and suspension here.  The red on the car is the gel coat, not the paint job.  So far nothing has been decided on color.  I think any color though will most certainly be a cop magnet.
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To be continued.......sometime
to be continued someday...........