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Commissioned Artwork
Whenever one asks an artist to do something special for them,  as either painting or designing something for them,   it is known as commissioned art.  This is time and expense that the artist has gone through to make up something very special just for you!  Therefore some ground rules need to be laid out so that everyone knows what they are getting and what to expect.  This also makes everyone happy!

The Idea
First the idea is talked about.  This is a very important step.  This is where we discuss what you want, what colors, on what type of painting surface, what style, whether you want it personalized and everything that is to be incorporated into your special piece.  This is going to be where everything is laid out on the ground on what can and can not be done.  You may have one fantastic idea, but it may not be workable.  This is where all the brainstorming  goes on and all decisions become final.  Either we will decide exactly what you want or we will decide that I design something with my ideas for you.  Its actually pretty painless and can be lots of fun! To put ones ideas into an actual object and see it form can be amazing.
The Plan
When this is all figured out, depending on the size and involvement of the work, there are several arrangements that now need to be made.

If the item is inexpensive , anything under $50.............a deposit  is due at time work starts and you will need to submit a credit card number at that time.  It will not be totally charged until work is completed.   But because this will be a one of a kind, it will not be returnable.   If you don't like it, minor changes will be made to make you happy.  Just for your info, no one has ever been unhappy.

If the piece is over $50, then half payment is due at time work starts and a credit card number needs to be submitted at this time.  And final payment is charged when the project is over.  You will be sent a picture of the work if requested, possible, and needed.  Again, this is one of a kind and just for you, therefore after work is completed to your satisfaction, it is not returnable.
Finished Project
When the item is finished, it will be sent to you with the shipping charge included in the last payment.  This is when you will be delighted and jumping around with glee when you receive it
or  unhappy.
Although I doubt
that very much.
You have seen my work on this site and so you will know approximately what you will be getting.  If it is not what you expected, then communication on exactly what you wanted was missed in the Idea stage.  I am sorry for this, so it is very very important that the Idea stage is worked out so that there are no surprises.
Things I will Do
First I will make sure you are pleased with your new piece!

I will change colors on any design on my website for you at no cost, on any hand painted surface.  (this excludes plates and slates and any one of a kinds)  But the new item will not be returnable.

I will personalize any item for you at no cost. (You can not return it if it is personalized though)

I will paint any design I have on my website on any other object if it will fit and look good and it is feasible.  Again it will not be returnable as these are all considered custom work.
Things I will Not Do
I will not do any work without pay and let you see if you like it.  I have time and money invested in it.

I will not do any ideas or  pre plans without pay. 

I will not give you free ideas or advise without pay as I am not a consultation service.

I will not do any redesigning without pay.  If you change your mind on something and want it changed half way through, then a charge will be added onto your bill.

I will not make up several designs for you and let you choose which finished item  you like best.  You will be charged full amount for each item requested if you want more than one and then want to choose.

You have to remember that my work and time involved in a project is just as important as any job that anyone else may have and deserves to be treated as so.
Now that we have all the particulars worked out.  Lets get down to business and get that special project done for you!  This may sound involved but it really is pretty straight and up front.
You will not be disappointed!
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