Simi Valley Fire Oct 2003
This is all about the Huge Fires that Hit Southern California in the Fall of 2003. It definitely was a fire from hell.

This wasn't going to be one of my regular pages, but people keep requesting it, so what can I say! This takes time to load as there are 35 pictures from seeing the beginning of the fire to the aftermath.
View from across Simi Valley. This was on Saturday morning.
Another view from across the valley, the morning of the fire. It was literally miles and miles away.
It is getting worse. Our house is over there in that cloud. The next day, the place we are standing at now, where this picture was taken, burnt. That is how massive this fire was.
Our house is on that far mountain. But the fire is several ridges over
Down the street from our house. It looks worse than it is at this time. I cant stress how fast it spread starting later that evening. It is about 10am right now.
We live right about where those 2 parallel poles are on the left up on the hill. We went to clean up a show at three that afternoon. When we got home, at 6, the sky was pitch black with a hugeeeee orange glow behind our mountain. We stayed up until around 1am waiting. I could not sleep. My DH, said it will never make it to our house. I left the drapes open up stairs and looked out the window at 4am in the morning when I suddenly  woke up. The sky was bright red out side.. I ran down stairs and the fire dept was in front of our house. I asked them what to do and they said pack.
For the next hour we packed everything of importance. My daughter and her husband came running over to help us.
We had 4 vehicles packed and ready to go. We have no neighbors to the north. The mountain exploded into flames around 5am.
There were looky loos everywhere. It was unbelievable! These people came to gawk at the flames.
It was getting closer and closer
When they say fire storm, that is exactly the way it is. The smoke and heat were intolerable
One of the cars ready to go. We already took 2 of the cars down to Mervyn's Parking lot in the center of Simi. They were filled with clothes and computer things.
There was a giant traffic jam down our street with stupid jerks clogging up the way to get out.
And it is here!
Right next to our house. Fortunately what saved us is a partial dirt road. DH in backyard, looking over wall as it came at him. He was trying to keep the back yard trees wet.
Me hosing down the front trees to keep them from catching on fire. My dear DH was in the back yard doing the same. I was pretty hysterical by this point. He is so brave!
Me again. Unfortunately this summer in 2004, 6 months past the fire, we have now lost part of that beautiful Mimosa tree due to the heat and flames. This was the tree I was trying to save. It will now have to be cut down.
It was so unreal it was surreal. This is directly across the street.
A man whom I don't know came to help me keep the fire off our house. What an angel he was.
The final blow up of flames. It sort of like blew up and then because it had no more dry fuel, it died. The city had come in only 5 days ago and cleared some of the brush. If they hadn't, I think we could have lost the house. Fire Departments from central to northern California were here to help us. They drove all night long to get here. I thank you Mr. Firemen!!!! They were up on the hill trying to keep it down.
This is later that morning when the sun came up and they were cleaning up afterwards.  
Around 9am now, and my new Z is covered in crap!
This is what was left of our mountain.
Next to our house. It all burnt for miles and miles. The trees burnt at the base but not the top. As of today the ones that were left standing in this picture, have all died.
Nothing is left going up the hill. The fire break helped some
This is not snow on our mountain. It is ashes left and the smell is HORRIBLE. My whole house stinks now, big time. Everything is gone. These trees are nothing but sticks in the ground now.
A few hours later it started up again east of us. We had nothing left to burn but they did.
In the afternoon looking down the street. It was like evening dusk looking out over the valley. I hope we never have to go through this again. I thank my daughter for taking the pictures and I thank her and her husband for helping us load up the cars. Needless to say, the Simi Valley Craft Show that was suppose to be today was cancelled!
This is the day after. Our mountain is totally gone and the few houses in the canyons were really lucky! I don't know how they made it.
This guy lives on up the hill from us. He has 5 storage bins that are still burning from the inside. He has lost everything from his other house that were in the bins. These bins burned for weeks and weeks.
This is from top of my mountain. As you can see it is miles and miles of ash.
Looking from our mountain to the east where rocky peak is now on fire. It stayed smoky like this for 2 weeks.
Looking down the mountain at us. Every one was just soooooooooooooo lucky in our neighborhood! For
two weeks the sky was dark with soot and ashes. When the wind kicks up around here, it all blows into the
house now. At least you can clean this up unlike the earthquake we went through in 1994! Oh, just for your information, noooooo, my neighbor did not lift a finger to help anyone. See Chapter 7!
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