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All Handmade Crafts & Decorated Eggs
MJ Crafts Design Studio features unique handmade crafts, gifts, and decorated eggs (Eggy Piece Art Collection.) Photo holders, handmade jewelry, pins, watches, and other crafts made out of mixed media.

Art and Craft Ideas Home decor artwork for sharing crafts moments in familly. All craft activities are explained and illustrated: painting, embroidery, beading, wood, collage, scrapbooking, mosaics.

Crafty Cathy's Creations Affordable handcrafted beaded jewelry and handcrafted Christmas ornaments

Rebecca of Many Trades Rebecca works is the online home of Rebecca of Many Trades. Offered are custom crochet, Any day Ornaments, other handwork, and business services.

Rose Arbor Crafts The "arbor" changes with the seasons. A garden of crafts, information, resources, and fun for professional & hobby crafters.