Letters To Niles

hee hee hee


Oh my,
What a wonderful site on a slow and otherwise noteworthy day. To be
introduced to such a fine specimen of a dog. My pup, Babe, just went wild
as I held her up to the screen to enjoy Niles' photos. He is proud and
strong, I can't believe his owner parted with him so cheaply and so easily.
What a lucky woman you are, does Niles have any brothers or sisters?
Pat Fischer

Oh dear, I never thought of Niles as a Stud Muffin. Now I will have to keep an eye on him or he may go back to his wild and torrid past.


ROFLMAO!!!! This was great! I am still laughing. Niles is absolutely
adorable when he is sleeping ROFL! There are just no words to do
justice to your humor. If you ever decide to take Niles on the road
in the Van from H... as a stand up comedian make sure I have a front
row seat. Your are the best ...Thanks, that made my day!
Your biggest Van, I mean Fan!

CJ, I think that you are in the wrong business. You could be an author...a
very funny one at that. lol I really enjoyed your story and pics of Niles.
It really started my day off with laughter and the music! Nice pictures to.
Barb. Prucka


Hahahaha Joy.....yeahhhhhhhhh, I did do that, didn't I? Not velly
professional of me......I had actually forgotten it until you mentioned it.
Looking for a gal.......ahhhhh well if it's to be it'll be..personality or
lack of aside.
Ya know....immediately before I opened the mail client and saw your note, I
had jussssst finished taking Niles for a walk........great pooch
hahahaha.....speaking of personality.......between your stories about him
and the Van from Hell, I agree with some of the other posts..youuuuu need to

do some writing......as in for profit...obviously you have fun with it, but
I suspect you find a way to do that in most things.
One of my cats was looking over my shoulder as I took Niles for his walk
this mornin an she's buggin the hell outta me to go visit him......keeps
pushin the 'back' button.
send me a fed ex addy or sumpin an i'll send her to ya


Can you hear me "howling" with laughter??? What a cutie Niles is!

Laura G in De


Well at least Rodger isn't as butt ugly as Niles!!!


Your page is absolutely hilarious. It is ROTFLOLPIP FUNNY!!!!

Much love,


No way Niles is from Minton, no one is from Minton, they just break down there. But you are definitely a lucky lady to have found the perfect Pup with such an attitude.

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