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Return Policy :    7 Days to Return
Country Joy Items
You may return any item EXCEPT personalized ones, or special orders. These are not returnable.
On other items that are returned, you will not get back your shipping fee as that went to the post office, neither to you or back to me.
Damage or Losses
All Items
If your item arrives damaged, you are to return it to YOUR post office for a refund. Do NOT return it to us. You will then be reimbursed by YOUR post office. If you wish to reorder, then please feel free to do so, but it will be a brand new order and you will be charged again.

The reason you must return it to your post office is because they want to see the damage. If you send it back, the post office does not know if the damage was when it was originally sent to you or when it was sent back to us. If you send it back, it voids out your original insurance cost. That is the reason why. Please do not tell me that this is not so, because I know it is. :)

They also will NOT reimburse your postage back to us..... if you send it back to us.

If your item is lost, if parts are missing or in anyway is not complete, you must file a claim with YOUR post office. They want to see the package. You will receive a refund from them. Do not send it back to us. Again, they do not know if damage was caused during shipping to you or back to us. This is the reason why.

If you wish to reorder the item again, it will be a brand new order and you will be charged again..
Dislike Item
Please email that you are returning it and the reason why.

When item is received, you will receive a credit on your card for the amount of the item, but not shipping.
Radar Mounts
If you have bought a radar mount, you may return it. You will not get shipping back as that went to the post office.

If you want to exchange it, there is a $3.00 exchange fee and a reshipping charge. Do NOT reorder. When your original order comes back, we will ship the new item out. We do not ship out and then give credits on returned items. Sorry, this messes up our book work and things get too confusing around here.

Please put a note in the returned item with invoice number so that we know what you want to do.....straight return or exchange and for what size and email us that it is coming..  And email us that it is coming back.

If you do not return the mount in 7 days, and want a refund there is a 50% fee.  No exceptions. Sorry we can not have people returning mounts, months later.

If you return the mount damaged in anyway or unfortunately lie about it being damaged, we reserve the right to refuse the return or only offer half back.

We do NOT accept back old mounts for an upgrade.
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