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Policiy Information for Radar Mounts
Made in the Good Ol'
You MUST meassure your stem.
You may have the same car as on the list,
but it may have a different mirror.
1.  If you measure:
    .562inches to .630inches or 14.4MM to 16MM
    you    need a 5/8 mini mount.
2.  If you measure:
    .709inches to .768inches or 18MM to 19.5MM
    you need a 3/4,
3.  If you measure:
    .860inches to .916 inches or 21.8MM to
    23.3mm you need the 23mm,
WE are NOT responsible if you order the wrong size.
Mounts are exchangeable. If you exchange them for another size, there is a $3 fee plus reshipping fee. The fee is so that you will measure your stem and not just guess. It takes time to correct an order. You must return the mount within 7 days. No exceptions. Do NOT reorder. When your original order comes back, we will ship the new item out. Please put a note in the box on what you want done with invoice number.
Mounts are returnable if they dont work for you. There is a SEVEN day return policy. Anything after 7 days is subject to a 50% fee. These are custom made, so we can not have them out for weeks or months at a time. No exceptions.  You MUST send an email letting us know you are returning it.
They MUST be non used and in PERFECT condition with all parts included.
We do NOT accept back old mounts for an upgrade or because you have changed cars or radar brands.
We ship priority mail ONLY. This usually only takes up to 4 days or less, unless its Christmas time.
We have NO control over our product after it leaves here.
We do not sell wholesale or in bulk.
These mounts are made by Chotis Engineering, (my husband's company) and sold thru Country Joy Crafts. They were first conceived on the internet in 2005. Your bill will be under Chotis Engineering.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, anytime.
Radar Detector Mounts for Radar Detectors
for Escorts, Max Escorts, Valentines, Bels, and Cobras
We do not sell just tops or bottoms.
Made by Chotis Engineering for Country Joy