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The original mirror radar detector mounting bracket...............
Professionally Designed and Contoured for minimum weight by a master engineer. Not bulky or clunky looking
Radar Detector Mounts for Escort, Max Escort, Bel, Valentine &  Cobra Radar Detectors
NO More Suction Cups!!! With Our  "Z Mount"
Custom Hand Crafted Automobile Radar Mounts  For Your Mirror Stem
NO More Suction Cups!!!
These are Multiple Adjustment  "Z Mounts "
in three sizes, because one size fits all, just doesn't work that well.
Made by Chotis Engineering for Country Joy
Made in the USA
     Radar Detector Mounts for Porsches

Some of our customers have been able to use the Mini Mount for their Porsches. It seems that some Porsches will fit fine with our mounts, some don't at all, and some will with a little help. Geeeesh, nothing is consistent! All we can say is measure your mirror stem carefully and check out the pictures on the mirror stem page.

You may try one of our mounts if you are unsure, but if you have to send it back, you will lose your shipping costs as that goes to the post office and not us.

This is what one of our customers have done. This is what he said.
It's up & running. The 3/8" tubing was left over from a plumbing project that I did last year. I bought the stuff @ Home Depot. I cut a small sliver out (~2mm in thickness) the tubing so it could fit tight around the mirror post. I've attached several photos for your info & sales use. If anyone has any questions send them my way. John (2006 Porsche Carrera 997 Cabriolet)                    
This is a side view picture of a 911 mirror. If you have one like this, you can use our adjustable 5/8 mini mount with a small adjustment.
Thanks John!!!
It seems the mirror stem is smaller than 5/8inch so it needs to be made tighter by inserting a gasket of some kind to take up some of the space. It does not have to be tubing but this is a great idea
Here is a picture of it inserted. ( This is our old valentine mount and it is no longer available in 5/8 mini size.... You can only purchase the 5/8 size in the adjustable super z now but you still may have to shim the hole smaller, for the Porsche.  The top holes are the same on both models, old or new)
Here is the Valentine mounted on the mirror from the inside. Hi John...........we see you! Well sorta.......
Here is a picture from the outside of the wind shield.
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