Tributes to the Van From Hell
On this page you will find letters written about the van. These letters will automatically enter you into the Van from Hell Fan Club

.....whether you want to be or not!

This also entitles you to purchase a commemorative collectible plate and mug which will be coming soooooon!!! I bet you can hardly wait!!! You will receive a whopping 10% off any purchase of Van from Hell memorabilia of $10,000 or more. What a deal!



I'm sorry this took me so long, but I'm fixing this now. The new page will be up later this morning. I went to your site the day you sent this and I was literally there for hours reading all your stories about your van and your neighbor and your life. You are hilarious! I enjoyed myself so much. Thanks for the laughs.


What kind of paint do you use on your van?, it looks like it comes off so you
can change it at whim... Hmmm I have a truck that could use some decorating :)

- Tiny


(Van from Hell salute?)

Hi, I just wanted to say, I love your van, every time you painted
it. Very Creative. Hey, maybe you could put a big finger (middle) on the
your neighbor sees, and then paint over it before you go somewhere.



Your about me page was just what I needed on a Monday. I laughed so hard!
I love your van!!! I may need to think about moving to wherever you are so I
can watch the neighbor! I bet his expressions alone are worth the cost of the
paint!!! Congratulations on all of your success!



Hi CJ,
I just finished reading your post which I thought was very humorous.
Then......I visited the Van from He--'s page on your site, what a
"Hoot", every time I think of it I laugh. I've been reading about this
famous van for awhile and thought it was an inside thing among the
longtime list members. The page was a very good read and I'd advise, no,
strongly suggest anyone on this list that really wants a "great" chuckle
to read this page.
If I didn't know better CJ, I'd swear you were reading the sale
description on my Dad's van (which is for sale). Just to funny!
Thanks again CJ for all the laughs and keep 'em coming.
Congratulations on the show,
So. Cal.


I visited your site and my husband came in wanting to know why I was laughing.
Very cute. Maybe your neighbor would enjoy a big ol' set of Mickey Mouse
ears on your van! Just a thought.


Laura G in De


Now all of you who have heard and read about the Van from Hell need to
hear from someone who has actually taken "White Knuckle Flights" in this
fabled vehicle. First, you have to squeeze yourself into the front passenger
seat around and among cooler chests, various treasures for sale which didn't
fit in the back, a small folding cart and a purse which if emptied would fill
the Grand Canyon. No need to put on the seat ain't gonna move
anywhere. Just make sure the door is locked so everything doesn't fall out
when Ol' hot rod makes a quick left turn.

Let's talk about the treatment from fellow highway travelers. There is the
thumbs up from similarly vehicularly handicapped drivers, laughter and
amusement from those who understand and appreciate the joke and pure
derision and noses in the air from Mercedes drivers who wonder how the Wonder
Van can even share the same highway with them. Ol' hot rod has a favorite
gesture for those. She uses the same gesture for those who cut her off and
for truck drivers who get in her way. A passenger in the Van from Hell would
be wise to make themselves as small as they can to escape possible road rage.

A sudden stop brings fear of being impaled by display racks or a lonely left-
over stick art sign. No air conditioning and a poor radio complete the Van
from Hell. A true ride of opulence and luxury. The passenger and a Kleenex
becomes the defroster.

In truth, as I have said before, this van contains some of the finest work I
know and it brings it to the mass art appreciators in great style and I am
proud of my friend. I have been given the greatest complement and have been
allowed to drive this wonderful vehicle. I have had a less exciting
experience in a Navy F-18. CJ, You are my hero. Long live the Van from Hell.

Your Buddy and Part-Time Partner, Irv

(On June 13, 2002, my bestest, dearest, most treasured friend Irv died unexpectedly from bone cancer. I will miss him terribly. Words can not ever describe the loss and devastation that I feel. All future stories are dedicated to my dear dear friend. May he rest in peace until I get there.)


Love your "van from hell" page, and I'm looking forward to reading its
future adventures. (I was reminded of an artist friend of mine, who
often secretly reveled in the fact that he had a $1000 paint job on a
$200 car.)

The only thing the VFH is lacking is your web page address painted
prominently on each side!




I came across your site somehow, I don’t remember how but I love it!!!! You
seem to have great sense of humor and I love your Van from Hell!!! I wanted
to invite you to join the Country Friends Gather Here webring. If you would
like to check it out,please go to I think you would make a
great addition to our ring!! Please consider us!



I just have to say I lived and did shows in La and around for Years (15) and NEVER
saw a Llahma!!! I feel deprived!!!!!
Oh you always make me smile!! Hugs Sue in Ms.


Thank you for beginning my day with such a laugh! I was in hysterics this
afternoon when driving behind a trailer, 2 Llamas peeked their heads out at
I think they're looking for you!

Snowy & Friends Crafts


I have a cousin a few miles up the road and she has a lama named Betty.
Would you like to borrow her for your next show???



Ok CJ,
FIrst let me say that I have been waiting with
Llama(oh I mean baited)breath for updated pictures of
the van. I knew Old Glory would make her appearance
on there!
That was undoubtedly the best bit of therapy I have
had in the past 2 weeks. You have now reached the
unique status of being named in my will. I am still
reeling over the dog and broom incident.
GOtta love ya!
THanks CJ!


Ok CJ,
....You have now reached the
unique status of being named in my will......

Penny Durnin

(((Pssst, CJ! Don't fall for it!! She's leaving you her set of ceramic Llama

Valerie Q.


(((Pssst, CJ! Don't fall for it!! She's leaving you
her set of ceramic Llama
Valerie Q.

Hey what's wrong with Llama lamps they will keep Niles
company He He He!

Penny Durnin


Hi Penny!

I'm in your will? What are you leaving me a llama?
LOL Im telling ya, one
more of these shows with them, I'm quitting! LOL

love ya all! CJ

A a matter of fact Valerie hit it right on the
head...a pair of Llama Lamps to keep Niles company
while you are at a show LOL!

Penny Durnin


Oh my, what a great laugh you gave me! I just read your harrowing tale and
laughed so much. A great way to start my day. I have a show coming up on
Saturday, have to leave on Friday cause it's 7 hours away and my truck broke
down 2 months ago and nobody seems to be able to fix the %$&!! thing. Can I
borrow your van? Pray for me everyone, I have a uhaul trailer rented but no
truck yet & over $300 invested in this show so far. If I get there and see
a Lama anywhere I will break out in hysterics!

Thanks for a great start to what may be a very frustrating day.



I hope everyone takes a moment to offer up a prayer for CJ's much loved van,
let's all pray that it goes on to another place to help suffering van's all
over California with the unselfish gift of parts donation. I would like to
think maybe other pieces and parts that are not affected could and would be
passed on to others that perhaps have a problem with say.....their van door
falling off...(one story I heard of ) I am sure there are similiar tales to
be told, but not being able to speak of them, the owners suffer in silence.
CJ's van has been a friend to many, I for one have followed her tales for
some time and had hopes of actually meeting this famous van someday,
somewhere, and personaly marveling at what a grand old van she really is.

Pat Fischer


My heart goes out to you. Your post has left me
totally speechless.

Penny Durnin

From: Susan Ruhl

Did CJ sign that Van Parts Donation card???


The most appropriate thing would be to set her in your neighbor's front lawn
so he can enjoy (ha!) seeing her every day.

My deepest sympathies to you, Niles, your DH, and the rest of the family.


That was a great memorial for her. She did go out in style. I hope you
didn't pay the ticket where she was parked in front of her own house. I hope
you found the cop and made him feel stupid.

I loved reading about your adventures with your van you two had really great
times together. I look forward to hearing your new adventures with the new

I have to say this...before I even begin........I laughed while looking through your website...what a sense of humor! :)
Thank you for the laughs!
Hi, Joy,

I don't usually write fan letters, but I have to say, I was laughing hysterically at your stories about the Van from Hell, neighbor and Niles. Thank you, on behalf of all those of us with horrible neighbors (although, I think yours tops any of those I know). You made a rather boring, dull day brighter by reading your Chapters. Your sense of humor knows no!

I am a lurker on the Professional Crafters site...mostly, because I don't have anything to contribute as far as sales or business experience. I do enjoy your posts very much, though.

Lee (not a male) Hough
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