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Here are some examples of beautiful hand painted custom designed wedding flutes and glasses that we have designed for those special bridal occasions.

You can  have us  design something for you with any design that you want.

Just choose your favorite flowers and colors and we can do them to match your wedding or home.

See the Custom Order Pages for Specialized Orders and see what we did for other clients.

You can also buy your own glassware, ship it to us, and we will hand paint it for you. Please note: For large orders, glasses must be ordered and sent. TIME is important if you need a quantity. So please plan ahead, 4 to 6 weeks is good! :)

Just give us a ring or email.

Personalization is Free.

For special orders, prices may vary, so please contact us.
Check out Custom Orders for other ideas!
All Items are copyrighted by the Artist
Most of these are between $35 and $45 a SET