Car Radar Detector Mirror Brackets
The Escort mount fits Escorts, Bels and K40's
The Max Escort fits Max's only.
The Cobra mount fits Cobra's only.
The Valentine mount fits  Valentine 1's  only.
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"Z Mount" you are interested in.
5/8" Mini Escort " Z Mount " for "some" BMW's and some Porsches
3/4 " and 23mm
Adjustable Escort " Z Mount "
5/8" Mini Valentine Adjustable
" Z Mount " for "some" BMW's and Porsches
3/4" and 23mm
Adjustable Valentine-1
" Z Mount "
Video courtesy of Brent Bradford, a very satisfied customer!

Thanks!!!! Brent!!!
We also make and drive race cars, so we are sure you will be pleased with our product
SCCA's Mr. December, 2007
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(The video shows our stationary mount that we no longer make, but the new adjustable mount is installed the same way.)
5/8", 3/4 " and 23mm
Adjustable Max Escort " Z Mount "
5/8", 3/4" and 23mm
Adjustable Cobra " Z Mount "
The original mirror radar detector mounting bracket...............
Professionally Designed and Contoured for minimum weight by a master engineer. Not bulky or clunky looking
Radar Detector Mounts for Escort, Max Escort, Bel, Valentine &  Cobra Radar Detectors
NO More Suction Cups!!! With Our  "Z Mount"
Custom Hand Crafted Automobile Radar Mounts  For Your Mirror Stem
NO More Suction Cups!!!
These are Multiple Adjustment  "Z Mounts "
in three sizes, because one size fits all, just doesn't work that well.
They come in 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch or 23mm (which is just under one inch.)
To be used with your suction cup bracket.
Made by Chotis Engineering for Country Joy
Made in the USA