How to craft an ethical casino experience

The Casino Effect in UI/UX Design It’s no secret that the job of UI/UX designers is to craft products that retain customers coming back to the casino or gambling app. There is a simple but effective strategy for engaging consumers and increasing their desire to return to your product. Something that will bring them back … Read more

Women in the craft beer scene in Barcelona

Steve Huxley, a Liverpudlian and long-time Barcelona resident, launched the Barcelona Brewing Company in 1993. He introduced the city to craft beer, but it was Judit Cartex, who helped establish Barcelona as Spain’s craft beer capital. She is just one of many women who are driving the beer scene there right now. Beer has always … Read more

Trends for 2022 in the craft Industry

While the craft brewing sector faced significant obstacles in 2021 due to labor and material shortages, many craft breweries were able to survive the storm. Despite the fact that taprooms, bars, and restaurants reopened last year, breweries continued to rely on distribution for additional revenue. This pattern began in 2020 when breweries had to sell … Read more

Different types of crafts

Sculpting and metalworking, as well as knitting and printing, are both examples of crafts. Textile, decorative, paper, practical, and fashion crafts are the five primary types. They are crafts based on their form and function. Textile crafts Any sort of craft that involves fabrics, yarn, or design on a surface falls under this category. Knitting, … Read more

Where to buy craft supplies

As many of us remain indoors due to the coronavirus outbreak, the country has been indulging their passion for crafts and rediscovering their creative side. If you’re running low on craft supplies or want to try out a new pastime like crocheting or knitting, check out this list of online craft merchants that are still … Read more

How the craft industry is boosting the UK economy

According to a recent analysis from the University of Creative Arts, the economic power of the UK’s craft economy sector might help local communities survive and thrive. UCA’s research on the UK’s craft industry has revealed both economic growth and an increase in online opportunities, as well as shortcomings in producer support. In addition to … Read more

Millennials and the craft industry

Knitting, once a pastime for the elderly now seems to attracting a new audience in millennials with a passion for craft. For many it is a productive way to spend their free time. It’s a creative craft for self-expression, similar to hair, skin, and clothing.  Girls are the new “sewists” as sewing enthusiasts prefer to … Read more

How to run a craft business

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to start your own craft business in the United Kingdom or the US. First determine your market niche then create a business plan. Find out which legal structure is best for you and choose your suppliers carefully. Make a decision about where you’ll sell your products and always … Read more